Smothered and Box Set Sale

I have a “new” release and a reminder for you :D


boxset2First the reminder — Saturday and Sunday are the last definite sale dates for the BBW box set I am in with 10 other authors. The price on Amazon and B&N is likely to jump after that. So if you haven’t picked it up yet, now’s the time!

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Smothered – A Billionaire’s BBW

SmotheredPNow for the “new” release! It’s something I snuck out under Dee Viante (hee) earlier this year because I didn’t think my core readers would like it. I went back this week and massaged the things I didn’t think ya’ll would like. You probably noticed it’s got a #1 next to it. It’s not a definite serial — it’s purpose is to get your endorphins going, yanno? :) If it does that, then it’s complete. But it could be a serial, so forewarned is forearmed and all that.

It’s also on sale at 99 cents for at least a few days.

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Billionaire Warren Gates has been a bad, bad boy. He’s overseen his company’s largest round of layoffs and offshoring and cut wages and benefits on everyone remaining.

But that’s not what keeps him up at night. A vision of gently rolling hills and valleys of pale flesh, heavy breasts and a deep cavern dripping moisture onto his tongue plague his dreams and leave him with a lust no ordinary woman can satisfy.

Lucky for him, he knows just the woman to exorcise his demons. Better yet, she’s out of work and desperate after he signed the pink slip.

Can he convince Lila to sell her body to him, to sit naked on him, her feminine juices running in rivers down his muscled chest? Will she press her breasts against his face, letting him breathe only when she allows?

Will one session be enough or will Warren always crave MORE.

This 10,200+ story features a surprising (happy for now) romance between a billionaire and a BBW wrapped in a kinky covering and with room for more.