Callan – Thunder Gypsies MC

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(Retitled from Rage)

Knowing outlaw biker Callan Tilley is about to be murdered by another member of the Thunder Gypsies MC, Avery Watkins calls the police. But not all  cops in Thunder Valley operate on the right side of the law and saving Callan could cost Avery her life.

Callan’s had a soft spot for the shy waitress from the first time he set eyes on her back in high school and is certain she was the one who called 911. Now she’s as good as dead once the gang traces the call back to the bar where Avery works.

His plan to save them both? Steal a secret stash of the club’s money, grab Avery and get the hell out of town. It might work, too, if the ATF, FBI, DEA and every other alphabet-soup agency in law enforcement were not on the hunt for a Gypsy willing to turn on the MC.