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Nine months have passed since the influx of latents onto clan lands began. For Cade Mercer, the time has been a season in purgatory as he leads his team on a series of dangerous runs to locate mates for other shifters — a sour, jagged pill to swallow when his own mate disappeared more than a dozen years ago.

When the current rescue goes south in a hurry, Cade is more than a little tempted to follow his teammate’s suggestion and throw the woman they seek back into the “latent pool.”

Until he smells her and all hell breaks loose…

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When you’re finished, check out these other shifters!

One of the best things about finally finishing Alpha Curves is that I’ve been waiting to introduce readers to a few delicious reads with shifters in them from four of my favorite authors.

Aimélie Aames’ Divine Fornication Series
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This is a collection of all four, complete episodes (previously published separately) from an other with a very original voice and unique stories (and I don’t mean that in the “everybody gets a gold star” way – this lady has talent!)

Episode 1–Seduced by the Angel
Claire Sawyer’s life is about to change in a way that she never could have imagined.

Blind since a terrible childhood accident, she dies for the second time in her relatively short life only to find herself in the arms of an angelic being.

Is he her guardian angel, or the monster responsible for the deaths of her parents so many years ago?

Claire will search for her answers as she is swept up into events involving the divine and their relation to the vampires and werewolves that she encounters in her incredible journey to discover the truth.

Episode 2–Taken by the Vampire
Claire awakens in a hospital room to find a man sitting quietly, waiting for her.

Except that he is no ordinary man, adorned as he is with dark wings and burning in black flames.

Is it the angel of death, come to take her away at last? Or is he the lord of all vampires, come to steal the prize from his adversary, the Messenger, the being who has healed Claire’s blindness?
Flying high above the city lights in his cold arms, Claire shall find herself brought to a lonely fortress where blood drinkers await her and werewolves roam the darkness, all of them waiting for the ravishment to come.

Episode 3–Claimed by the Wolf
From certain death at the hands of vampires, Claire Sawyer finds herself surrounded by hundreds of wolves.

Are they her saviors, or the culmination of the doom that follows her at every turn?

Cursed or no, Claire must fight for her survival, even if that means becoming one of them, wolves in heat with just one thing in mind.

Episode 4–Redeemed by the Conqueror
In the stunning conclusion to the four part series, Divine Fornication, Claire Sawyer finds herself caught between vampires, werewolves and angels. Three races of beings willing to battle for the one thing they value most–Claire’s eternal soul.

Will Claire’s guardian angel return at last, in her final moments? Or, will she be lost forever to eternal damnation?

Christin Lovell’s Alpha Doms Box Set (!!!)
Amazon US - UK - CA - AU

What can I say? I love Christin Lovell but I have not allowed myself the pleasure of reading her wolves in the Controlled series because at least two of them play, in part, on the same concept I had for Alpha Curves — a heroine who is the only plus-size werewolf in a world where all the rest of the shifters are lean, muscular perfection. So, not only am I excited to introduce readers to the box set, but I also get to finally binge on a series I’ve been denying myself for two years!!!

Suren is the only plus size werewolf in a world that surrounds her with sleek, athletic shifters. Maryk is her pack’s new alpha…and her mate. Can Suren get over her insecurities and embrace what fate has gifted her? Perhaps, but it may require a little discipline…

As a plus size woman in a world where size matters, Sara didn’t think she would find someone to love her full frame… Until her new landlord stopped by.

Desi scented his mate for over a week before he went to her. He wants her. She wants him. If his mate won’t let go of her inhibitions though, this alpha will have to take control. Not that he minds…

Barrett grew up in a pack that never accepted him. It took six months under the rule of a new alpha before he left it all behind and happened upon his mate.

Past the age most werewolves find a mate, Drew assumed he wouldn’t be granted one… until he scented Barrett. But what do you do with a mate that refuses to accept his future with you because of his past? If you’re a dominant alpha like Drew, you force him to surrender it all to you.

Drea has been best friends with Bren since kindergarten. But best friends don’t keep secrets, right?

Brendon knew Drea was his mate the first time he shifted. He’s fought his wolf’s desire to claim the plus size beauty for twenty years. But everyone has a breaking point.

Who will give in first to their desire?

Curvy Callie has been lusting after Evan for years. When her physical needs peak, the tables abruptly turn.
Evan has been suffering in silence, working with and living next door to his curvaceous human mate. He’d been fighting to do the noble thing and give her a choice, but when he uncovers the depth of her need, everything changes.

Laina is a plus size werewolf in a supernatural world of physical perfection. No one has accepted her for who she is, herself included.

Four years ago, Jayson took over his uncle’s pack and found his mate. Too bad she has rejected him at every turn. It’s only when Laina comes to him for help and he forces her to face the truth that his own revelations come. Will this dominant alpha convince his mate to surrender to him?

Possibly some cuffs and spankings will sway her…

Michelle had been with Bryan for fourteen months, yet he hadn’t so much as hugged her plus size frame. When she threatens to walk away, Bryan must decide whether to follow his instincts and claim his mate or to remain true to his adoptive parents’ religion, a religion that isn’t always relative to the supernatural.

For seven months, plus size Anna has suffered through hour-long treadmill sessions to watch one man: Jayce. There’s something about the sexy gym owner that calls to her.

Jayce has been battling his instincts for seven months, fighting to keep his distance from his curvaceous mate.

But you can only evade fate for so long.

Similar desires, similar fears.

Will they decide the risk is worth the potential reward when they come together?

Sassy, plus size Callie is down on her luck, but not on love…if she will finally let the two men of her life in.

Jay and Eddie have lusted after their curvy mate since the day they met her in high school.

Can Callie learn to let go of her two best friends in an effort to gain two soul mates?

Can two alphas get past their possessive nature and learn to share on a permanent basis? Hold on to your seats because things are about to get heated.

SM Reine’s Caged Wolf 
Amazon US - UK - CA AU

The biker gangs passing through Lobo Norte don’t scare Ofelia anymore. All those men are the same: scarred, homeless, and broken…just like Ofelia. They’ve become a blur of forgettable faces watching her strip. She takes off her clothes, takes their money, and wipes them from her memory instantly.

But Trouble is different. A biker with a wolf tattoo and tortured eyes, he sees beyond Ofelia’s tough disguise to a more fragile woman within. She’s drawn to him like she’s never been drawn to a man before—at least, not since she survived hideous torture at the hands of her ex-boyfriend that left her scarred physically and emotionally. She can’t forget Trouble. And she definitely can’t push him away.

There’s magic between them that neither understands. But maybe if Ofelia and Trouble can find the truth, they can release each other from the chains that bind them to Lobo Norte, to the Fang Brothers biker gang, and to the dark secrets in their pasts…

VJ Chambers’ The Killing Moon 
Amazon US - UK - CA - AU

Six months ago, werewolf tracker Dana Gray barely escaped from Cole Randall, the wolf serial killer who kept her in his basement torturing her. Toying with her. He almost killed her, but he couldn’t. He let her live.

Now, she finds herself obsessed with Cole. His voice haunts her, hypnotic and liquid, flowing through her, both horrifying and arousing. She can’t shut him up.

At her job, she struggles with a bewildering case in which rehabilitated werewolves are going astray and killing again. From his maximum security cell, Cole claims he has all the answers. But he’ll only talk to Dana.

Maybe Cole knows something. Maybe he doesn’t. Dana doesn’t know. She only knows she’s grateful for the excuse to go to him. And once she hears his voice again, she’ll do anything to see him, whether it helps the case or not.

Callan – Thunder Gypsies MC

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Another Peek at Alpha Curves

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